Breeze Bikes

Breeze Bikes were started with one purpose in mind, to build the best in class, high quality electric bikes that are smooth to ride and feel like a Breeze. Our high quality bikes are tested in labs and designed to last long, we only make fat tire bikes so you can take them on sand or snow and have maximum fun guaranteed.

  • Gene's review

    It is a nice bike and great power the little plug-in for charging the battery is Hidden under a little rubber thing on upper right side you lift up that’s where you plug it in at it is not in the manual and that really had me upset till I found it but love riding it

  • Sandler Review

    Great power and unbelievable battery life.handle bars are good for off road not for cruiseing down the street And owners manual is to broad but nice bike

  • Bob's Review

    I have been an avid cyclist for years and recently I began working closer to home where commuting to work on abikeis very possible. So I began riding my fatbiketo work and enjoyed it. As a 6’2” rider, it’s very comfortable. This has been a great purchase.