About Us

With over a decade of experience successfully selling various bikes in the marketplace, we've sold everything from; Commuter Bikes, Hybrids, Mountain, and even a Folding bike designed to carry on backs of Army Paratroopers while jumping out of Airplanes! These 14+ years have allowed us to gathered tons of personal experience, buyer feedback, product reviews, suggestions and bike trends. Now, its our turn to put this wealth of knowledge and information into creating a superior bike for you. 

Our standards are incredibly high, after all, when you see the Breeze name, you've come to expect superior quality. We wanted a bike that is highly practical, functional, durable and most of all it needed to be the most stunning bike around! Finally, after a year of development, we're proud to introduce the absolute coolest bike available in today's market BREEZE BIKE, Fat-Tire Electric Bike! Powered by a Bafang 500W rear Brushless Hub Motor, this bike reaches top speed at over 25 mph! 4+ inches wide "Fat-Tires" means there is no off-season for our Breeze bike! 

The over-sized "fat" tires were designed to conquer any terrain; snow, sand, rough trails, the urban jungle and anywhere else you dare to venture! Equipped with the latest and most efficient 48V 10.4 Ah Li-on Battery which can be fully charged in 5 hours or less. 

Breeze Bikes are enabled with Smart Pedal Assist – allowing seamless transition between full force pedaling to sitting back and enjoying a leisurely ride! With a battery range of 43 miles utilizing Pedal Assistant and 21 miles (Electric only mode) you can enjoy hours and hours of riding between charging. 
We could go on and on about the cutting edge technology, premium components, durability, speed, smooth ride and overall awesome vibe this bike puts out but you be the judge, try it out and let us know what you think!